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“I’m tired of going to every class, doing all the problem sets, and studying my ass off, with still nothing to show for it.”

Learn how top math, science, and engineering students ace their exams and crush their courses, without the stress, frustration, and long hours we’re all accustomed to.

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Huan N. – Electrical Engineering
My summer courses went well thanks to your material… bringing my exam grades from a C- (71%, exam 1) to an A (93%, final).
Jorrell S. – Engineering
Instead of being overwhelmed by the large amounts of workload (which the stress from that killed me in the first month). I was able to shoot down every single topic taught rapidly because I had the weapons to do it… Study Hero saved my butt.
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We’ve all had that moment – maybe it’s Freshman Physics, maybe it’s Chemistry, or maybe it’s your first Calculus exam Sophomore year – where you think you’re doing everything right.

Going to class.

Copying down all the notes.

Doing all the homework and problem sets.

But for whatever reason you hit a wall, and just can’t seem to understand everything as well as the guy sitting next to you in discussion. And your first exam grade ranges somewhere between “hmm…” and “OHHH SHIT.”

Somehow all of that studying doesn’t pay off, and you get more and more frustrated, more and more behind as the semester rolls on.

It feels like a crapshoot, whether your effort will pay off or not.

The difference between a 95 and a 65 seems like a complete mystery.

“Come test day it’s like I’ve never [seen] the material before”
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Does it really have to be that way?

Is it all or nothing?

Do you have to dedicate your life to wading through problem after problem, spending Friday nights in the computer lab or library rather than out with your friends in order to do well in your courses?

And even THEN, not being able to rest assured that all of those hours will pay off on the exam – because too often than not, it doesn’t.

Imagine instead for a minute, what it would feel like to “figure it all out” – to wave a magic wand and all of the sudden turn a corner so that you’re keeping up instead of falling behind, understanding what’s going on instead of having constant anxiety because you’re worried you’re the only one who is confused, and walking into midterms cool and confident instead of panicky and sleep-deprived.

You come home from class, having actually learned the concepts instead of just rushing through to copy down what the professor wrote on the board.

You have time to eat, relax, and hang out with your roommates.

You then sit down for a study or homework session, KNOWING that what you’re doing is actually going to stick, directly translating to better exam grades and long-term retention of the material, even into NEXT semester.

And because you’re so efficient, and no longer spending so much time re-reading and drilling problems, you find the time to have a life outside of school – putting in the work, but then actually enjoying yourself in college.

Interestingly enough, some students live like this – smoothly navigating their degree program while at the same time enjoying weekends, working internships and co-ops, and doing side-projects they’re passionate about.

Are they somehow just naturally good at this stuff?

Or is it that they know something you haven’t quite put your finger on yet?

Whatever it is, it’s not just you.

Most of us are in the same boat. In fact, look at these comments from actual Phyzzle readers…

“I do all the problems I can yet I find myself stumped on every exam”
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“I had crammed… trying to study for most of my courses… and yeah, I failed…”
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“I get really stuck on a huge concept… by the time I have learned the concept I’m already behind in the coursework.”
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Sometimes we get stuck in a vicious cycle.

We’re worried about our GPA and whether or not we’ll be able to make it through our next set of exams unscathed…

So we put pressure on ourselves:

“I HAVE TO study. I HAVE TO pay attention in lecture. Otherwise I’ll fail.”

The problem is, who knows if that will be enough?

Will I pass if I study for 10 hours? What about 20? What about 40!?

And because we’ve studied hard in the past, only to walk away with a bombed exam, it’s hard to want to put in all of that effort, not knowing whether it will pay off…

So we stress.

We procrastinate.

We wait until the last weekend and then CRAM – robbing ourselves of sleep, and of any semblance of a normal schedule.

But what if it wasn’t that way?

What if you NEVER got stuck in that bad cycle again?

What if you figured out a SYSTEM for making progress EACH AND EVERY WEEK, and knew with certainty that all of the hard work you’d put in would pay off in your final grade?

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Lauren M. – Computer Science, Math
It’s astonishing how completely I was doing everything wrong when it comes to learning and studying. This is awesome. I have hope now. Before buying your course I was in a state of despair… Now, I am 100% confident that this system will lead to me earning a 4.0. I’ve been incredibly impressed with this course’s content. It helped significantly as I studied for exam 2. I earned a 91.2! It has far exceeded my high expectations.
David G. – Computer Science
Summer school went well. Earned an A in Linear Algebra. Your material has definitely helped me… Super valuable. I wasted a lot of time in lectures before learning this.
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The math, science, and engineering student’s program for beating procrastination, boosting your GPA, and becoming a fine-tuned learning machine – without the stress, cramming, or long hours at the library

Study Hero is a 4-week course that distills the very best research-backed, student-tested study techniques into specific, actionable steps you can apply directly to your math, science, or engineering coursework. It’s designed to help you quickly and permanently improve your study habits, get better grades, and achieve your full potential as a student.

Organized into four self-contained paths, each with a progression of in-depth video lessons that cover everything you need to know to master each aspect of the study process, Study Hero will show you exactly what to do to tackle what you’re struggling with most…

Beating Procrastination and Getting Your Mojo Back
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We’ll take what we know about our own psychology – our biases, tendencies, bad habits – and use that knowledge to guide you away from time traps and negative behaviors, and towards consistent, productive, and satisfying work – every time you sit down to study.
Cutting Through The B.S. and Building Your Master Study Schedule
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Here we’ll apply an intelligent strategy to how you invest your time and what you choose to work on, leaving you with a productive, sustainable schedule that creates space for you to learn what you need to, without feeling like you don’t have a life outside of school.
Optimizing Your Brain and Actually Remembering What You Learn
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You’ll go through our step-by-step process for upgrading your learning skills and getting the most possible out of the time you dedicate towards studying and going to class, so that you can learn it once and get on with life.
Becoming A Problem-Solving Machine and A Test-Taking Jedi Master
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Here we take what you’ve learned throughout the semester and translate it into the practical problem-solving ability you’ll need for your exams, so that you’re walking in cool and confident, and walking out with the grades you’ve always dreamed of.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find inside…

In-Depth Video Lessons designed to quickly and easily introduce you to the information, tools, and techniques you’ll need, in a step-by-step progression. Each video includes lesson-specific challenges, so that you can implement what you’ve learned on the spot rather than vowing to try it “someday.” You’ll also find a set of carefully selected follow-up steps, designed so that you can seamlessly incorporate what you learn into your actual study routine throughout the semester.

The Insider’s Knowledge Vault: Continually updated and expanded with bonus videos and extra content specific to each path, including:

  • Step-by-step tutorials that demonstrate exactly how to execute strategies and techniques on real-life course material.
  • Clear examples that show how to apply the Study Hero process to a variety of different classes and majors.
  • Case studies that provide behind-the-scenes insight into how other students like you approach the study process using the Study Hero method.
  • And much more…
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The Quick and Easy E-Book:
We’ve made all of the course material available to you as a PDF, so you can download it to your phone, e-reader, or print out sections. Bring Study Hero with you to lecture, your favorite study spot, or simply read through at your own pace.

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Lifetime Access: Because Study Hero is designed to take you from zero to hero academically, there’s a ton of material. While each path is designed so that you can complete the core material and challenges within a 1-week timeframe, implementing the follow-up steps (your new habits, techniques, and methods) into your routine will take some time.

So because this is a journey, you’ll have lifetime access to the program. The course material will always be here, so you can take it at your own pace, and always come back, refine, and continue to improve.

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Michael M. – Mechanical Engineering
Hey, just wanted to say thank you again. Using your methods I managed to actually get a 4.0 this semester, a large jump from where I was before I found your blog and associated materials.
Regina L. – Math
So many people say that you have to study to get good grades but very few people tell you how. Even if they give you some advice on how to study it tends to be general tips that are hard to follow because they’re so vague. Study Hero gives specific pieces of advice so that you can jump straight into practicing good study habits instead of floundering and still not quite knowing what to do. I really have to thank you for making this because it certainly played a role in helping me do well in my first semester at college. It helped to keep me on track with my studies without stressing out.

In Study Hero you’ll learn…

  • How to use simple tools to unlock consistent motivation for studying
  • How to quickly and painlessly build positive study habits and routines that will virtually guarantee you make reliable progress in your courses each and every week
  • How to stop wasting hours and hours on textbook reading and homework problems, and identify the few key activities that will send your GPA sky-high
  • How to organize, maintain, and actually follow a study schedule that tells you exactly what you need to get done each and every week, while creating time for a life outside of school so that you can avoid burnout
  • How to build deep, lasting knowledge of new concepts, and connect them seamlessly to what you already know
  • How to take and manage your notes like a pro, so that you have a permanent quick reference to the entire course at your fingertips
  • How to prepare for and confidently attack exams, rather than crossing your fingers and hoping you’re professor doesn’t throw you a curveball
  • And much more…
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Steve P. – Math
Tom produces a lot of great content, and he’s helped me a lot in my first year of college. My second semester was actually a 4.0 (bringing my cumulative GPA up to 3.95)… You guys have some great stuff here, and I’m glad I have access to it.
Caleb W. – Mechanical Engineering
I have shifted the way I think about approaching my classes… it is much easier to figure out which work is important and to realize when I may be wasting my time trying to learn something… for little return on an exam.
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Manraaj S. – PreMed
The techniques in the Study Hero seemed to help a lot as well as also being less stressed about going into exams. So far, I have been averaging higher in 3 of my subjects due to them… Overall, I improved upon what I did last semester.
Bryan N. – Mechanical Engineering
Hope you are having an awesome festive season. Mine is great given that I got that 4.0 this semester after applying the tips I got from Study Hero. This is a huge improvement from a 3.4 last semester. I knew I had the potential but my study skills were derailing me from exploiting my potential. The break is amazing after such a great semester without sacrificing sleep or fun.

Try Study Hero for a Full 30-Days, 100% Risk Free
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Because I’m confident this stuff really works, you can try the entire course 100% risk-free, and then decide if it’s right for you.

If you don’t love it after 30 days, email me and I’ll send you a full refund, no questions asked.

Get Instant Access Now for Only $79

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, email me at I’m happy to help.


Will Study Hero work for me?

One of the most common things I hear from people about studying is, “Well I guess to each his own…” or “Well that might work for you, but THIS is how I learn best…”

The funny thing is, all of the academic research on learning, studying, and education over the past 100 years points to one conclusion:

There are universal best practices for learning and retaining new information, and they’re based on a common set of abilities present in all humans. Study after study from the top researchers in the field all show this, and this research provides the backbone for the techniques you’ll find in Study Hero.

“What if I’m a [economics, biology, basket weaving…] major?”

The material in the course is designed for all math, science, and engineering students and the learning principles and techniques covered are specifically designed for technical courses (both math and science based), where more rigorous analysis and problem-solving is required than your typical gen-ed college course.

Along with each of the 4 core lesson sets, there are also examples of how to apply the learning principles to a variety of different subjects (e.g. physics, calculus, chemistry, comp. sci., engineering, etc.) included in the vault.

“What if I [am a grad student, have a job, am going to school part-time, am going back to school after a long layoff…]?”

Additionally, since we opened up Study Hero, we’ve had a ton of different types of students who have joined the program, including:

  • Majors ranging from Electrical and Mechanical Engineering to Math, Computer Science, and Biology
  • Freshmen looking to get a leg up right out of the gate, as well as Sophomores, Juniors, and even Master’s students looking to take the next step
  • Full-time students who live on campus, as well as part-timers who are coming back for a degree while working a 9-to-5
  • Even life-long learners, long since graduated from school, but looking to improve their self-study of technical subjects they’re interested in
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study hero image 17

Regardless of your situation in life, if you’re studying college-level technical material, and are dedicated to improving your study process, you’ll make leaps and bounds of progress applying the Study Hero material.

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Ron B. – Structural Engineering
As a graduate student of structural engineering, I have been able to maintain a 3.0 GPA while taking difficult courses, being out of school for 3 years, and commuting 4 hours every day. The most benefit I have gained was from changing my mindset so that all I need to worry about is putting in effort until I succeed.
Philip R. – Aspiring Engineering Student
Using it for self study… this has helped me study math in a different way even though It’s been 3 years since I’ve been in college. Study Hero has given me inspiration to go back to school and get an engineering degree.

How much time will this take each week?

Each path is designed so that you can make your way through the material in 1 week, and complete the associated challenges. Expect to dedicate 2-4 hours during that initial week in order to make your way through the path you choose. Then, you’ll need some additional time to work through the follow-up steps, tweak, tune, and customize to fit your situation.

Remember, this is a process, so it will take time to work these new habits and techniques into your routine. The course material will always be here – you’ll have lifetime access after you sign up – so you can always come back, refine, and continue to improve.

But I’m already overwhelmed. How am I going to fit ANOTHER thing in my schedule?

The beauty of this program, is that a time investment of a few hours per week will free up multiple hours each week in unfocused time, within the first 2-3 weeks.

And again, if you get slammed with work, or just can’t seem to fit it in this semester, you’ll have lifetime access and can always come back to it – over the summer or winter – whenever it works best for you, at your own pace.

How do I know this is legit?

I’ve spent the better part of the past decade – as a student, tutor, and engineer – obsessing over how to learn more effectively. Phyzzle was born out of that obsession, and Study Hero is the culmination of the best practices I’ve collected along the way.

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Phyzzle as a whole enjoys thousands of monthly readers, just like you, who have benefitted from our material, which has been featured on sites like Lifehacker, CollegeInfoGeek, BetterExplained.

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Thomas Frank – Founder of
Tom creates some of the most in-depth, well-researched content on studying and learning I’ve ever seen.
Kalid Azad – Founder of
With learning, just putting in the time is good, but not having a good strategy when you’re doing that can really be inefficient… The things that Tom has figured out help you double, triple the effectiveness of what you’re doing with your time… That’s one thing I wished I had when I was in school.
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I myself graduated in 2010 with a 3.9 GPA and cum laude honors, double-majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy, while working part-time at a local manufacturing company and doing undergraduate research. All while still making time to meet friends, take on side projects, and enjoy the college experience.

Bottom line: I know what it takes to learn this stuff so that it sticks. And I created Study Hero to help you do the same.

What if I sign up and fall behind or don’t follow through?

We’ve all enthusiastically started new projects, only to fizzle out and ultimately give up.

The good news? Study Hero is specifically designed to fit into your semester schedule and lead you through the exact steps you need to take in order to improve.

And if you do find yourself falling behind, that’s okay, just put the course materials aside, and start back again when you have the time – that’s the benefit of having lifetime access to the course.

Couldn’t I just…

Go to my advisor or professors to get help?

Definitely, by all means, take advantage of the free resources you have available on campus. There were many times in school where a quick trip to office hours saved me from ruin, studying for exams and doing projects.

But mostly, it’s hit-or-miss. You might get some good advice, but the sad truth is, most professors are just not focused on your success as a student. They’re more concerned with their research, coming up with lecture materials, administrative demands… And on top of that you’re not the only one – there are thousands of other students they’re responsible for.

Buy a book on study skills?

There are some excellent books on learning out there – many of which I’ve recommended right here on my site. And they’re great for those of us who have the time to read and digest the material, and figure out a way to apply it to your coursework.

But do you really have that time to spare? On top of your courses, projects, side job, and what little social life you’ve scraped together?

Yes, we all should be reading all the time. But with Study Hero, I’ve done all the hard work for you.

I’ve read the books, read the academic papers, and figured out the exact process for incorporating all of the best practices for studying technical coursework – ready for you to jump in and get started now.

Find this stuff for free online, or just watch YouTube?

This stuff is definitely out there. In fact, I give away the large majority of my own material for free. And sure, if you have the time and energy to spend hours and hours wading through horrible study advice online like I’ve done to find the few nuggets that actually work, and then figure out how they apply to your curriculum, then I definitely recommend that to you.

But for those of you who want results now, from the best methods available, painstakingly catered to the math, science, and engineering student’s curriculum, courses, and specific needs, Study Hero is here for you.

Get a tutor?

Tutors can be amazing – I’m a tutor myself. And if you’re having a really hard time with a specific course, there’s definitely a place for hiring a tutor.

But at $50-100 per hour that cost can add up. And while you might pass your course or even get an A, there’s no guarantee you won’t struggle again next semester, when there’s more work, and the courses are even harder.

Keep doing what I have been doing?

What’s that saying about madness? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

Unfortunately, we often find ourselves doing this when it comes to studying. But it costs us.

The cost of…

Retaking a course: $1,000 (in-state) to $3,600 (private)
An extra semester: $4,000 to $15,000+
Losing out on the best entry-level jobs: $5,000 to $20,000 in starting salary

And finally, what’s the pyschological cost of continuing to put in all-nighters while your friends go to hang out, only to continue to see little payoff in your GPA?

Can you afford to keep doing the same thing?

For Half the Cost of a Textbook…
What can $79 get you these days?

  • Half of a textbook (if you bargain hunt…)
  • A few trips to Chipotle (hey, who doesn’t love a good burrito?)
  • Enough to pay off your infuriatingly ridiculous campus parking ticket because class let out 5 minutes late? Maybe?
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When you join Study Hero, you’ll permanently build the top-notch study skills you’ll need to succeed in your classes, de-stress your life as a student, and graduate into the world prepared to learn for life.

What will those other things get you?

Get Lifetime Access to Study Hero for Just $79

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, email me at I’m happy to help.

In the next 4 weeks, what steps will you take to improve your study habits?

If you’re happy where you are now, congrats! And if you’ve already mapped out exactly how you’re going to get better at navigating your degree, and know exactly what you’re doing, then you’re way ahead of the game, and might not need help.

But for most of you who have found your way to the site, read the blog, subscribed to the newsletter, and are reading this page – you’re looking to improve now. Not half-way through Senior year when you take an honest look at your GPA and finally decide it’s time to shape up, but today when it really counts.

You want to understand new topics faster and retain them for longer, instead of continuing to struggle to pick up on new concepts and falling further and further behind as the semester rolls on.

You want to get your degree, yes. But you also want to build a deep knowledge of the material that you can take with you for life, instead of continuing to cram through each semester, wondering if you’ll remember anything when you finally graduate.

You want a good enough GPA and an impressive enough resume to get hired, and eventually have an amazing career, so you can build the next amazing thing (spaceships, electric cars, artificial intelligence, renewables, etc.), instead of being stuck unemployed, taking whatever’s available when you graduate because you can’t find work.

You’re in this thing for a 4-year ride, so why not aim to be the best?

Why not give yourself access to the best resources you can get your hands on?

Why not arm yourself with the best practices from students who have been there before?

And why not give yourself every opportunity to make the most of it?