Kalid Azad On Motivation and Improving The Learning Process

You know that feeling you get when someone, off-hand, informs you about something you’ve been doing wrong for YEARS? Yea my buddy (and fellow learning addict) Kalid Azad is great at that. “Oh, you know if you do the loop this way instead of that way your shoes won’t keep coming untied, riiight?” “Dude, you do know if you Continue Reading

What’s The Point Of Studying So Hard?

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. We get so caught up in the day-to-day of worrying about the next class, the next homework, the next midterm, the final grade, the next semester… that we sometimes lose sight of why we’re doing it in the first place. “Why am I studying so Continue Reading

Do Grades Matter? Getting Grades vs. Learning

Have you ever said something seemingly straightforward (to you at least), only to watch as your innocent comments generate untold levels of controversy and drama? Photo: memegenerator.net Well a little while back I wrote a short post on some poor study habits over at Lifehack.org, and even though it got a bunch of shares on Continue Reading

I Never Went To My Professor’s Office Hours Because I Was Terrified

As I walked down the long empty hallway I was terrified. The first simulation results were due in two days, and I had barely managed to get the program to open up correctly. A million thoughts flew through my head, as I nervously made my way towards the door with the number on the syllabus Continue Reading

The 5-Minute Brain Dump: How To Learn During Lecture

Somehow we’ve forgotten that lecture is for learning. Here’s how to use a brain dump to make your time during class more productive. Here’s a familiar scenario: You wake up, groggy from a long night of working on your fluids project, which – through no fault of your own – eventually devolved into a weird Continue Reading

Projectile Motion Problems (Physics 1 Exam Solution)

If you’re taking Physics 1, projectile motion problems can be a tough nut to crack. Here’s a comprehensive solution to a very common Physics 1 exam problem, pulled from a real university midterm. Bonus: (with annotations) you can take with you. What you find when you dig deep, is that there’s actually a common theme among problems Continue Reading

The Reverse Learning Technique: How Top Students Bust The Curve

Wanna know my secret to curve-busting grades in engineering school? I did everything backwards. Introducing: the Reverse Learning Technique. Let’s dig in. Bonus: you can take with you. It’s late September. Exam 1 is here already – holy bejeezus. You have 4 other courses to study for, and every additional minute spent on Physics is Continue Reading

F=GMm/r^2 (Gravity Formula): The 5 Things You Need To Know

If you’re seeing it for the first time, the F=GMm/r^2 gravity formula can be a bit of a funky equation. But get a few key concepts down and it’ll seem clear as day. Here are the 5 things you need to know. Anyone who listens to John Mayer, knows he’s fond of saying, “Gravity, is Continue Reading

Active Recall: 1 Amazing Technique To Crush Exam Problems

If there’s one study technique to learn that can make or break your next exam grade, active recall is it. Interested? Read on. Bonus: you can take with you. Take a look at the quote below, from an engineering student, who just barely managed to pass her Physics 1 course. “I went to every lecture Continue Reading

Fall Semester 2017: The Ultimate Guide To Kicking Ass This Year

This is the guide I wished I’d had for fall semester the summer after my Freshman year, because the best thing about summer break is also the worst thing about summer break: forgetting about classes! **WARNING: THIS POST IS MASSIVE – PREPARE YOURSELF** Every fall semester, we resolve to do it better next time. To jump Continue Reading